Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Numbers Cover/Tracklist/Release Date

Mellowhype has released released the album cover for their upcoming album Numbers. Numbers was set to be released on Oct. 2nd but has been pushed back to the 9th.

Tracklist released by Hodgy via Instagram:
  1. Grill
  2. 65/Breakfast
  3. Astro
  5. La Bonita
  6. Beat
  7. Snare
  8. Untitled L.
  9. LeFlair
  10. Monster
  11. 666
  12. P2
  13. GNC
  14. Brain
  15. Under 2
  16. Break
It shows that there are no features on the album but i'm sure we'll see a few.
Update: Pretty good album, saw features from Mike G and Earl.
Purchase: Numbers

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